Our 16 years living with the Swiss Mountain Dogs

I have been involved with dogs nearly all my life. I had my first dog in 1990, unregistered German Shepherd male called "Buck". I loved him very much. He was very clever and we all loved him very much. Until the day when he became suddenly ill and died. It was a terrible experience for me. I was not able to have the second German Shepherd to compare him with Buck. Once I saw in the magazine a nice dog - Bernese Mountain Dog. It was in 1992 and I immediately falled in love with this breed. So I travelled for my first Bernese "TAMI z Gandlyho dvora" next month. With Tami I started my love of this hobby. Tami, my first show dog and also my first Bernese Mountain Dog was a successful male. He became a Champion. Tami lived with us;almost 11 years. Since that I have had Berneses, first one, then two, then...

In 1993 - 1996 I was the President of the Swiss Mountain Dog Club in Slovak Republic and also the breeding advisor. Unfortunately, I have to finish it because of my family duties and work. Once I organized as a President of the Slovak Club the Club Show in 1994. The honest guest - the judge was Mr. Hans Jaehrling, the President of Deutsche Club fuer Berner Sennehunden. I met there also Mrs. Lydia Rumplmayr from Austria and we agreed she will reserve for me the nice Entlebucher female of her kennel. In 1995 we imported the first Entlebucher female "GINA von Garstnaeck". Gina was also successful on shows - she won a title Junior Champion, several CAC and CACIB. With a kind help of Mrs. Uschi Eisner of Austria we imported also in 1995 our first Appenzeller Mountain dog female "ANNIKA vom Scheibegghof" - Annika was a successful show female - Junior Champion, Champion, 3 x CACIB. She was a dam of many famous show Appenzellers of our kennel winning prestige titles like European Winner, World Winner, many International Champions. The last Swiss Moutain Dog breed - the Greater Swissy "BRENNY Rodyry" was imported to our kennel in 1998 from Czech republic. Brenny was a top show quality female - she won titles : European Vice Winner 2003, International Champion, Champion of Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovenija, 3 x Junior Champion, Club Winner ... Right now we - I, my husband Martin and daughters Kristina Jana and Alexandra Maria are sharing our home with several lovely Swiss Mountain Dogs on our ranch near Bratislava with the horses of Gidran breed of our neighbour.

Our dogs have been always a part of our family. All ouf our dogs are living on the ranch, with all day contact with us. Me, with my husband work home. Puppies are always growing up in our sleeping room, kitchen and all over the house, until they are not able to eat only along and play with adults. Our dogs are pets first above being show/breeding dogs. We are trying to do only quality. We breed our dogs under the rulse of the Slovak Club for Swiss Mountain Dogs registered under SKJ - Slovenska kynologiska jednota a mameber of the FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale We are always trying to do our best but even that is not always enought as all breeders know. The Swiss Mountain Dogs are ablsolutely most incredible breeds but not hte easiest one to breed. Balihara Ranch FCI Kennel is until today a member of the Swiss Mountain Dogs Clubs in: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary.




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