2nd Best Bernese male

29.12 3.jpg

And finally -
2nd place, 2nd best Slovakian Bernese male on Slovakian shows 2018 !!! from 19 Bernese males in Slovakia Dog Cup 2018 ...
for our young Bernese boy
"CH. JrCH. QAISER van´t Stokerybos "
Sire: IntCH. Kromblommas PAJAZZO
Dam: KARMEL van´s Stokerybos
Many thanks to Stokerybos Ivan Susan for this lovely boy ♥
and many hugs to my daughetr Alex for his handling Alexandra Liptajová ♥

Great News


Amazing news !!!
Our sweet Swissy female DID IT .. The BEST SWISSY female in Slovakia 2018 !!!
Greater Swiss Mtn. Dog
"JrCH. CLEO from Nina´ s Farm"
Sire: EuW, Multi CH. Int.CH. ELMIR Alpyiskaya Semyija
Dam: EuW, VWW. IntCH. BELLA ROSE from Nina´s Farm
is TOP SWISSY FEMALE of SLOVAKIA - rank nr. 1 from 8 ones in Slovakia Dog Cup 2018 !!!
Many thanks to Lucie Vymazalová for this lovely girl ♥ and many thanks to my lovely daughter Alex Alexandra Liptajová for her handling ♥

More Amazing News

29.12 2.jpg

Another amazing news !!!
Our Swissy boys DID IT, too .. 2and and 3rd BEST SWISSY males in Slovakia 2018 !!!
Greater Swiss Mtn. Dog
"CH. JrCH. Karhunkierros GAETANO " - 2nd place of 9 ones
Sire: Karhunkierros SAILOR
Dam : Karhunkierros WILD WOMAN
Many thanks to Maurice Blezer for this boy ♥
"JrCH. Balihara Ranch ARTIM of Tanglecross "
Sire: GrCH. Trout Creek´s ON FIRE AT SHADETREE
Dam: Shadetrees JOY TO THE WORLD
Many thanks to Dan Harrold, Cathy Cooper and Jessica M Kalupa for this wonderful boy

and the little baby "ALIGHIERI from Balihara Ranch " as puppy was on the 5th place ♥

So our Swissy boys are well placed in - rank nr. 2 and 3 from 9 ones in Slovakia Dog Cup 2018 !!!
Many thanks to my lovely daughter Alex Alexandra Liptajová for their handling ♥

Incredible Weekend

3. 12.jpg

3 Shows in 2 days - in one weekend ... I was soo tired, also sick, but happy. My dogs rocked. Many many thanks to my lovely daughter Alex Alexandra Liptajová and to my niece Jakub to travel alone on the dog show to Budapest on Sunday while I was tired and ready for our Swissy delivery. I was happy to meet also many our friends who made my day ♥.
December 1st, 2018 - Hungarian Swiss Mtn. Dogs Club Show 2018 judges by honorable judges Ramsings, DK
December 1st, 2018 evening - Hungarian Champion of Champions 2018
december 2nd, 2018 - President Cup 2018, Int. Dog Show



BIG CONGRATULATIONS again to my Swissy girls to Sweden ♥ ♥ ♥
Klubbutställning KHKG i Lille Skensved Domare: Boris Spoljaric Utställning 1 😀🏆 Qelly from Balihara Ranch BIR, Cert klubbjunior Cert BIS 4 junior 🏆
Udda From Balihara Ranch Btkl 2 klubbcert

Utställning 2 Domare: Tomas Rohlin
Qelly From Balihara Ranch BIR,Cert,klubbjunior Cert 🏆
Udda from Balihara Ranch Btkl 2 klubbcert 🏆
Many hugs to Carina and Boris ♥ ♥ ♥

Champion of Switzerland


As the proud Swissy breeder, please let me please to introduce you a brand NEW CHAMPION OF SWITZERLAND !!!
It makes me so happy to see winning of this prestige title in the country of origin - Switzerland, Geneva one of my babies... who earned also BEST IN GROUP title on Saturday in huge FCI group 2nd under specialist, honorable judge Mrs. Maria Amelia Taborda . Many thanks...

This boy did it :
" Jr.World Winner 2018, CH.JCH. IXION from Balihara Ranch "
Sire: Multi CH. GrCH. IntCH. ELVIS vom Forsterrain
Dam: JCH. UNICA from Balihara Ranch


BIG congratulations and a hugs to Ixion´s owners Renald Thomas and lovely Céline Thomas ♥ ♥ ♥