More Amazing News

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Another amazing news !!!
Our Swissy boys DID IT, too .. 2and and 3rd BEST SWISSY males in Slovakia 2018 !!!
Greater Swiss Mtn. Dog
"CH. JrCH. Karhunkierros GAETANO " - 2nd place of 9 ones
Sire: Karhunkierros SAILOR
Dam : Karhunkierros WILD WOMAN
Many thanks to Maurice Blezer for this boy ♥
"JrCH. Balihara Ranch ARTIM of Tanglecross "
Sire: GrCH. Trout Creek´s ON FIRE AT SHADETREE
Dam: Shadetrees JOY TO THE WORLD
Many thanks to Dan Harrold, Cathy Cooper and Jessica M Kalupa for this wonderful boy

and the little baby "ALIGHIERI from Balihara Ranch " as puppy was on the 5th place ♥

So our Swissy boys are well placed in - rank nr. 2 and 3 from 9 ones in Slovakia Dog Cup 2018 !!!
Many thanks to my lovely daughter Alex Alexandra Liptajová for their handling ♥