Greater Swissy boy - 3,5 months old
" MERIWETHER from Balihara Ranch "

Sire: "World Winner, European Winner, GrandCH., Multiple Club Winner and National Spec. Winner, IntCH. DUNDEE Clark´s Future"
(sire: IntCH. Festina Lente ASTOR
dam: J. World Winner, IntCH. BONANZA Clark´s Future )

Dam : " Multi JrCH. Club Jr. W. CLEO from Nina´s farm "
(sire: European Winner, Multiple BISS, BIG, IntCH. ELMIR Alpyiskaya Semya
dam: V.World Winner 2017, European Winner and BOB 2018, Crufts Winner and BOB 2019, Multiple Club Winner, Multiple BISS and BIG, IntCH. BELLA ROSE from Nina´s Farm - daughter of amazing IntCH. GrCH. Sennehund Inferno, who is son of legendary 3 x World Winner, European Winner IntCH. Sennenhund Rossii SHANGRI-LA and European Winner, IntCH. Sennehund Rossii HUNTER )

Amazing puppy with gorgeous pedigree and sweet character ♥